Monday, January 23, 2012

Long Time No Anything

It has been a long time, too long since I have updated or done anything really to help myself out. I have joined a website called The short and long of it is people can set up their own competitions be it private or public. I have joined a fairly large competition, 86 people and it has a substantial pot that goes along with it.

I have tried to find the motivation for a long time now to get off my butt and do something productive, but nothing seems to really get me going. I am married so I am not looking for anyone. I do not play sports any more. I am not trying to impress anyone, only myself I suppose. There are really only two things that motivate me, money, and my daughter, not necessarily in that order.

I want my daughter to grow up and be healthy. I want to be able to play any and all things/sports with her for as long as she wants to play them. I don't want to be the dad on the sideline who is out of breath simply by cheering for her when she plays. I want to be the example for her by showing her that she needs to be fit and healthy, not just by telling her.

I am also motivated by money. I mean who isn't? People like money and I am a person, so therefore, I like money. I want to do this to be healthy, and I want to do this for my daughter, but a little money doesn't hurt.

With that being said I am going to try my best to post as often as I can.

I have been doing the Daniel fast for the last 16 days. I have lost around 15 pounds so far. Today was my first sort of workout. I am following the program found at This program will take me through my competition and I plan on sticking with it, unless I need to change it up for something better. I was tired, and I was weak during it. I finished most of the workout, but was lacking big time. I also know myself and I know that when I first start working out after a time being gone, I have to walk that fine line of pacing myself and overdoing it. I tend to error on the side of over doing it and I feel miserable for a while. Tonight I just did what I could so that I wouldn't feel horrible, and so that I would feel like I accomplished something. Give it a week, and I'll be able to push myself once again.