Saturday, May 05, 2012

Finally Done with UNYR2 Challenge

The last couple of weeks have been miserable.  Miserable in a good way, but miserable none-the-less.  I started doing Insanity in the morning and CrossFit in the evening six days a week.  Then I started doing Insanity in the morning, CrossFit in the evening, and then Insanity again later that night for the last week of this challenge.  I probably looked like a zombie and I felt kind of like a zombie, but after staring at the results in the mirror, I know my hard work paid off.  My diet really helped me out during this whole competition.  30g or less of carbs every day.  Evening meal I allowed myself some more carbs to help get me through the week.  I was able to drop tons of fat while maintaining as much muscle as I could.  I have never had those ripples in my chest ever.  I have never seen this much of my abs before.  Previously I thought they had gone on a permanent vacation, but I guess it was just that my fat had gotten in the way.  I still have more work to do on my body and I plan on putting in just as much effort to get that way.  I want to see the rest of my six pack.  I want to get bigger arms.  I want a more defined chest. 

It is funny that at school where I teach all of the not overly healthy teacher ladies come up to me and ask me, How did I do it?  The only answer I can give them, eat the right foods at the right time, exercise like its going out of style, and do it consistently for a few months.  It sounds like one of those random infomercials about weight loss, but I guess that's just the way it goes.  I worked hard, sweated like crazy, and did the best job that I could.  I celebrated with a fast food meal(s).  My wife is happy that this competition is over.  One because of the way that I look, and two now I hopefully won't be as crabby.  Thank you to all of the people from the competition that pushed me past my limits and to the extreme.