Saturday, March 10, 2012

UNYR2 Challenge Half Way Body Shots

Hopefully you can see the yellow calculator that is tucked in my shorts.  Here are my front, side, and back half way body shots.  Excuse the messy stuff in the background.

365 Fit for Life

Saturday, March 10, 2012

UNYR2 Half Way Body Shot Comparisons

When you are gaining weight you look at yourself and you see a slow change if a change at all.  You start getting a little bit bigger and your scale looks a little sadder but you don't really feel that you are changing that much.  When I got to 244 I knew I looked different but somewhere in my head I was still denying that I had gained so much weight.  I would look in the mirror, suck it in as much as I could, stand up tall, and make myself believe that it wasn't that bad.  I would stand on the scale and be like, well, at least I'm not xxx weight.  It happens to the best of us and I am going to try my best to not let it happen to me again.

I had looked at my before pictures by themselves and it was disgusting at best.  Then I took my half way shots and looked at them with my originals and disgusting got left in a distant second.  It was absurdly horrendous what I had done to my body.  It almost makes me a little sick.  The motivating part is that I can see a tremendous difference in how I look.  Granted, like most people, I wish the scale was showing a lower weight, but that aside, look at me!!!!  I feel more energized, though its hard to tell sometimes from working out so much, but I know that losing the weight has made me feel more alive.  I have made strength gains in the gym and obviously am dropping fat, which is hard to do at the same time.

Overall my body is shrinking not only on the scale but on the tape as well.  I have lost 1.5 in. from my neck, 5 in. from my chest, 6.5 in. from my waist, 4 in. from my hips, 1.25 in. from my upper arm, 1.5 in. from my upper leg, and .5 in. from my lower leg.  I have lost over 20 inches overall from my body. 

I am happy that we are only half way through this competition because it will give me the motivation that I am looking for to see this thing through to the end.

365 Fit For Life

Saturday, March 10, 2012

UNYR2 Challenge 3-10-12 Update

It's nice to be under 210.  I have been shooting for it for like a month.  I got hung up around 217 for a long time.  Then it was 213.  Then I would jump back and forth between 213 and 217.  I woke up this morning and I was 207.  The other exciting part is I am down to a 37.5 inch waist from a 44 inch at the start.  I also fit into most of my pants now. 

365 Fit For Life

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I've Been Busy

The cliche is that life gets in the way, I'm too busy, I don't have time to workout.  Most people would see the name of my post and think that.  Actually the opposite is true.  I have been spending a lot of time working out trying to find what is going to work the best for me. 

I have been continuing to do the carb nite solution and I feel that it is going great.  I am not dropping a lot of pounds at a very fast rate but I have been dropping and I feel like this is a great approach for me. 

A couple weeks ago I started doing Bikram Yoga.  Quick summary is, 105 degrees, 20% humidity, 90 minutes, 26 poses.  It challenges me in a different way than I'm used to.  Slow deliberate movements that works on flexibility.  I am used to training for short bursts to promote strength and explosiveness.  It's nice. 

Today (Saturday), I went to an intro class for CrossFit.  It was tough.  It was short.  Did I mention it was tough?  We warmed up and went over the basic movements that we were doing and then did our baseline test.  400 meter run, 40 squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 pushups, 10 pullups all done for time.  Goal under eight minutes.  I did mine in 7:47.  It sucked, I was tired.  Again I am used to doing my 30 seconds of hard work, and then resting.  It was a change just like the Bikram.  This was more about endurance for me than anything.  My endurance sucks. 

I plan on doing my yoga for flexibility and balance, crossfit for functional strength and endurance, and weights/plyo's for explosiveness and speed.  This should be a great approach to accomplish everything that I am looking for.