Monday, March 18, 2013


As I grow and adapt in my life, so shall my blog.  I have started a new step in my road to I suppose the final destination.  I have began to train/coach athletes at my current CrossFit box.  It has been an opportunity of a life time and I have loved every minute of it.  While I thought I was a natural teacher, it is still apparent that I am a natural small group or one-on-one teacher.  The classes that I teach especially with the wide range of technical levels makes things difficult and I am still trying to find my stride in how I approach things.

20 minutes to establish a heavy single of each:
Back Squat

EMOTM for 10 minutes:
2 Power Clean and Jerks @ 80%

Warm ups went well
10x Pass throughs
10x Leg swings
5x Lunge - arm on knee - sink hips and turn, belly away from foot 
10x Pushups                       |
10x Hollow rocks               |
10x Superman                    |       X 2
10x Frog jumps                  |    
10x Jumping Squats           |
Good explanation of back squats and presses - need to cover more about keeping everything tight/tense from the ground up in both lifts

Next time go over the SWOD and WOD separately unless the movement is used in both.

Set timer for the amount of time for the SWOD to help keep everyone on track.

Emphasize the rep scheme more so that there is no confusion.

Key points
  • Time managment
  • Simple concise points to the lift
  • Better emphasis on the clean and JERK
Helped Allison with her clean 

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