Sunday, June 01, 2008

Is Sauna Sweat Just As Good As Running Sweat

I like saunas. They make you sweat and they make you feel good. Do we get any health benefit from sitting in a sauna. Well I suppose yes and no. Will you start losing tons of weight from sitting in a sauna, probably not, unless you are in there 24/7 and that wouldn't be healthy for anyone. So if you are not losing weight then what are you doing in a sauna. Like I said before, saunas make you feel good. It helps you to relax, loosens up your muscles, and makes you a little healthier. I read that the heat makes your body feel like it has a fever and boosts your immune system just a little bit. Now that's healthy.

People always want a way to lose weight without working. I guess you can say that sweating without moving will burn some calories. But like countless people have said, it is mostly just water. Sauna's do not replace good nutrition and healthy exercise. What it does do is compliment the plan that you are already on. So sit in your sauna after your workout. Let your mind and body relax, clear up your pores, and work whatever other magic you want to believe the sauna does for you. Just don't let that be your only workout for the week.

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