Friday, January 30, 2009

New Day's Resolution

I am 26 years old. That means I have probably made something like 12 or so resolutions. I am sure they have ranged anywhere from I want to do better in school, to I want to save money, to I want to be in better shape. My resolutions as of late have been more towards the latter. New Years resolutions are great. The only problem is that more often than not they are only great in theory. I don't remember where the first time I have heard a rant like this, and I know I'm not the first and I know I won't be the last, but here is my own version none the less.

We need to get rid of New Years resolutions. They make the people who actually follow through with their goals look bad. Resolutions seem like nothing more than setting our selves up for failure. It seems to come from those who want that instant gratification. It is those people who think they can give up an addiction in one shot over night. The problem is that is seldom true. Procrastination, sloth, gluttony, laziness, they are all addictions. We are addicted to being lazy, to being unmotivated, to being depressed. We let ourselves go all year and we think that the best time to start anything is tomorrow. Tomorrow usually comes in the form of New Years resolutions. It is the time we think that a new change can be upon us. That this one fateful moment is what we need to turn our lives around.

Now I admit, for some people this works. A new year is a new start for a lot of people, and a lot of people do take advantage of it. What we all need to do, whether you can stick to your resolution or not, is stop waiting for the new year to make a change. Every day is like a new year, because every day should be new. Every day we can wake up in the morning, know it's a new day, and make our daily resolutions. I can wake up in the morning and say to myself, I will not hit the snooze button today. I will eat a carrot for lunch instead of a bag of chips. I will turn off the tv and go outside. I will walk an extra flight of stairs today instead of taking the elevator.

Each day is a new day. What is your new day resolution?

365 Fit for life.

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