Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Want A Super Sized Choice

I love the documentary, Super Size Me. It actually made me want McDonalds more than not after watching it. I know, I know, that sounds sort of sick and anti-everything that I have wrote about, but truth is truth. The point of this post isn't to talk about McDonalds or really even the documentary. I wanted to share a little life experience I had when me and my girlfriend ate some fast food the other day.

My girlfriend was out shopping with her mom and she called up and wanted to know if she should bring home something for dinner. I was like sure. She said she wanted Long John Silvers. I, of course, do not like fish, but there is an A&W attached to it, so it's all good. The funny thing is that they also offer vegetables, like the steamed variety as one of the sides. I have no idea how long they have been offering that at Long John's, nor will I probably ever order it, but I still like the idea.

The reason for the title is that at the end of the documentary during Morgan's monologue, he talked about choices. Fast food is going to be around forever, mostly because the food at McDonalds doesn't decompose. I digress. People are going to always eat fast food and it is only up to them to make a personal choice to eat it or not. The best thing producers can do is make choices for others. Sure go ahead, eat your big mac and your super sized fries. All we can do is give people choices, and let them decide for themselves. I don't have to eat all the fries. I don't have to order the double double burger. I don't have to drink a quart of coke. I can order the steamed vegetables or a broth based soup. I don't have to get the loaded baked potatoe. You get the idea.

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Healthygirl said...

Agree with you, we need to be aware about our own choices rather than thinking good food vs. bad food. Food is food and people like different things.