Thursday, January 29, 2009

Viva La Spring Break

Ahh spring break. A timeless tradition full of debauchery and booze. I have never really had a "typical" spring break. I spent one in Fargo, ND, sleeping on the floor of a college dorm room of one of my high school friends. I spent one spring break in Arizona at his Uncle's house picking up a car. That about sums up my spring break experiences. How does that tie in with fitness? Good question.

Every year that I was in college, right around the middle of January when we got back from Christmas break, I noticed a huge shift. There would be tons of people in the weight room trying to tackle their New Years resolutions. This would last for about two weeks and then it would thin out a little. It would take about another two weeks for people to give up and not be seen again, until.... You guessed it spring break time.

There was a magical two week or so where people would again flock back into the gym. At the beginning of March you would see the same type of people come back to the gym. They are usually the guys who think they can push some weight around for two weeks and get all buff for spring break. I can not say that I am not one of those guys, though I do think I had a little more effort than that.

The sad fact is that people love vanity. Vanity is what makes people do stupid things, or makes people do great things, depending on how you are looking at it. If guys want to try to get a six pack to impress the ladies for spring break, then more power to them. The only problem is that instead of waiting until March, they should have started the day after they got back from spring break when they realized after they sobered up, that they weren't as hot as they thought.

Spring break is coming up for me. Even though my college days are behind me, I still want to look good for spring break, I mean, who doesn't? February is right around the corner and while I am not making any promises, I am feeling a little more urgency to get back in the routine so that when the magical week arrives, I'll be at my best, well, my kind of best.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination. As cliche as that sounds, and as cliche as me saying it is a cliche sounds, that is the reality. Sure, events, places, people, are all good reasons to get in the gym. People just need to plan a little better to get to there. I have found that if I make too many goals, such as the obvious, I want to be in better shape for spring break, I am just setting myself up for failure. Instead I am going to set this goal. Tomorrow I want to make one choice that makes me healthier that I didn't make today. What is your goal for tomorrow?

365 Fit for life.

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