Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Birth Of 365 Fit

Everyone wants to be in better shape. Everyone talks about it, thinks about it, and reads about it on a daily basis. The problem that usually arises boils down to, no one does anything about it. We are all either too tired, too lazy, not motivated, it's too hard, not enough time, or any other meriad of reasons that we have come up with on why we never actually get things started. 365 Fit isn't revolutionary or evolutionary or any other "volutionary" it is just simple things that we can do every day 365 days of the year to be a little more fit. I will add my two cents in on most day's and will provide resources of articles I have read, or just general advice and motivation for people to look at.

The main goal however, is to have you, the readers, supply your own daily tips and things you do each day to be fit. Readers can submit what they did that day to be fit, motivation advice they used that day, recipes, success stories, or any other advice or tips that they use to help them stay 365 Fit.

I hope that with myself and everyone who reads and takes part in this, can make something great so that each and everyone will be 365 Fit.

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