Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday April 27th Quick Tip

Sunday was the day that we decided to get back on the wagon and be proactive in our fitness habits once again. It must have been a long time since we've done this as the grocery shopping was both a little bit of a shocker and the whole process, shopping and preparing, was a larger endeavor than I remember it being. Either way I feel good about where we are going and for once I feel just as good about the journey as I do the destination.

Our little experience today brings me to today's quick tip. Almost every store and/or building you will ever go in has automatic doors. Why not use a couple extra muscles and go through the manual doors. I know that it isn't much but at the same time it is more than the alternative would get you.

Today is a quick post but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. As always I hope this tip finds you well and gets you a little closer to being 365 Fit. Good things.

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