Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday April 24th Quick Tip

What we live in today is an age of convenience. We all want something for nothing, and we would like it to work that the less we do the more we get. Today I give a simple tip of convenience.

When we go to the store we usually drive around in aimless circles trying to find "the" parking space. Not "a" parking space but "the" parking space. We all know the one. The one up front, as close to the door as humanly possible. We curse the cars that get a better spot than we do and we feel let down when we have to settle for a spot that is less than optimal.

My quick tip is simply this. Park in the first available spot. Not the first available spot that is closest to the building, but literally the first available spot, even if that means you are parked as far away from the door as possible. You might be thinking, well if I park that far away it will take too much time. If you can't take the extra couple of minutes to walk a little bit further and get a little bit healthier, than you might need to reevaluate things in your life, other than your parking situation. Besides, you would probably waste the same amount of time driving around in your mini circles looking for the best parking spot, as you would just parking your car and walking. You not only save the environment by driving less, you save a little cash by not wasting your gas. You might even luck out and find that it takes less time for you to walk, then it takes to drive in your circles.

I hope you enjoy today's quick tip, and I hope it takes you to being a little closer to 365 Fit.

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