Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Am I Fit Or Just Skinny

Am I fit or am I skinny. I have never been really ripped, and on the same note I have never been really fat either. I have always been average. I have always wanted to lose weight not a great deal I suppose at any given time, but I have never thought, man I need to gain weight. So I suppose you could kind of lump people into three categories if you had to. The skinny, the average, and the fat. I am here to talk a little bit about the average.

It seems like the two outside categories get all the loving. Skinny people are either loved or hate as most people are like how can you be so skinny and not do anything. Or I hate you for being so skinny. Fat people will usually get the why are you so fat, or the, why are you so fat. Fat people don't get much loving. Average people are always just pushed into the back of people's minds. Like skinnier folk they usually don't obsess as much about their weight, nor do they try to make fun of themselves for their weight before other people do so they won't feel uncomfortable.

I am average. I guess I could think I want to be skinny, but that wouldn't be true. I want to be fit. Yes I think I might need to walk through the valley of skinny to get to my fit, but I want to be fit. I have heard that your body goes through different phases, a weight loss phase and a bulking phase. I am probably in the weight loss phase as it stands. In this one I am trying to lose as much fat as possible while maintaining or making gains in strength but definitely not losing any. This is accomplished by, you guessed it, good nutrition and cardio. Once I get down to a good weight, I would then hit the weights harder and go for bulk or muscle.

I am not sure where I was really going with this, but I think I went some place. So if you find yourself saying I wish I was skinny, maybe you should say I wish I was fit; or better yet, say I wish I was 365 Fit.

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