Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To Lift Or To Run, That Is The Question

I like both. I am not quite sure the level of likedness that I have for either, but at some point in my life I have liked both lifting weights and cardio, though usually not at the same time. Both items are a necessary evil in order to be the best you can be. It doesn't mean that you have to be chained to your treadmill or stuck inside your gym every second of the day; it just means both need to be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

I like lifting weights because of the "pump" you feel afterwards. I am pretty sure that the pump, and for those who don't know it is that feeling when your muscles get all swelled up with blood and it makes it so you can't put your arms down at your sides, means absolutely nothing aside from a physiological response to the exercise you just did, but its a good feeling none-the-less. I like it more than cardio because with cardio, there is no stopping, ever, for what seems like forever. I like the look you get from lifting weights knowing that I am getting stronger for my efforts.

I like cardio because it helps me lose the poundage that I so do not want to have any more. It makes you feel accomplished that you just did something like running a marathon or at least running a mile. I like the sweat that it builds because it makes you feel like you worked hard. I like it more than lifting because I know that in order to see the results of the lifting you need to lose the fat that surrounds your muscles.

If I had to choose one of the other, I would probably choose to lift more so than cardio. I feel more accomplished from lifting five more pounds than running five more minutes. Also for me personally, lifting is easier than cardio. Maybe its cause my lungs like to breathe or I like to be able to rest more, but for whatever the reason may be, I prefer lifting.

With all that said what would happen if we only had time for one, and what is the best of both that we should be doing. In the next couple of posts I will talk about how to combine both lifting and cardio to get a little extra benefit from your workouts. Until then, keep it going, 365 Fit for life.

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